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Our main aim is to help our Muaythai students to reach their sporting and fitness goals. We endeavour to encourage them to be courageous, committed, disciplined and honourable in their athletic pursuits, studies and their personal & working lives. We also promote Muaythai nationally and internationally as a professional Martial Art that adheres to a professional code of conduct and the laws of Australia.

Latest News

Photograph of Clayton Mott
7 Aug 2016

Congratulations to Phon's 10 year old "Young Gun" Clayton Mott who has been...

Photograph Phon and Ajahn Brahm
30 Jun 2016

A lot of things happen in our everyday lives and today we were blessed to wish...

14 Jun 2016

Both Ben Shchigel (win) and Kevin Fleury put on a great effort at BC 21 showing...

Photograph of Ajahn Brahm
6 Jun 2016

Everyone is welcome to celebrate on 24 June @ 10am-12noon.

Photograph of BC21 main event - Dechsak Sorthampetch and Kevin Fleury
11 May 2016

BC21 is coming May 28th and if you are wondering what it will be like then...

Photograph of Ben Shchigel and Kevin Fleury (France)
4 May 2016

Ben Shchigel and Kevin Fleury (France) are getting ready to face off at Battle...