Training Muaythai at Phon’s Martial Arts Centre is a worth while investment in your child’s future. From our youngest, 5 to 14 year old members through to adults, we offer a fun and fitness in a safe and positive learning environment where your child can develop self-esteem, confidence, discipline and respect; all qualities needed for successful and happy life.

Through our well structured classes, your child will learn valuable self defence skills, while improving their overall physical fitness, health and co-ordination. You’ll notice that your children will soon have improved study habits, better grades, increased concentration and self-motivation. With their new found confidence, teamwork and leadership skills, your child will have the keys to excel with their education and their life.

Learning Muaythai will also help them with their other sports. They will have more stamina and co-ordination so that they will also excel at other sports such as: football, soccer, rugby, tennis, volleyball or any other sport. Muaythai will help promote flexibility, so they will have less injuries.

At Phon’s Martial Arts Centre your child will be guided step by step to learn a sport but also learn skills that will last a lifetime.