• Monday : Pad Work
  • Tuesday: Grappling, Wrestling
  • Wednsday: Technique Workshop, Sparing
  • Thursday: Self Defense Mixed Class and combination advance (use Protection and Shinpads), Mind training
  • Friday: Technique Workshop, Sparing, Ram Muay, Bagwork

The fitness class is a great way to develop Muay Thai technique, or get in shape, while having fun. You will meet a lot of friendly people of various ages, levels of skills and fitness. In this class you are working together under the careful guidance of our instructors; to help each meet your individual sporting goals. You may wish to quickly advance to the more advanced fight class or stay in the fitness class, it depends on you. Our classes are generally 2 to 2.5 hours in duration.

Safety is an extremely important aspect when doing any sport. Muay Thai especially due to it’s brutal nature; Our instructors ensure that you are with someone of the same level and that you are practicing in the correct technique and form. All basic safety equipment and pads are provided and sold at our facilities. It is strongly advised that you obtain your own equipment for your own personal comfort and convenience. You may also bring your own, if you have them.

Fitness lessons generally consist of warm up and drills. You will also then be instructed with the use of punching bags, hand and stomach pads. Muay Thai has many different aspects to it so you are guaranteed to always be learning something new including both attacking and defending roles in each lesson.

After completing 35 lessons you will be able to take the first level assessment; This may take at little as 7 weeks, if you train at the gym 5 days a week. Most people will start with 2 or 3 days per week and build on their routine. Upon passing this assessment you will be able to move freely between the fitness and fighter classes depending on your liking.

Before you can commence training it is a requirement that you complete a compulsory private lesson so your fitness and skill level can be assessed. In this first lesson, or lessons, you will learn the basics of using your elbows, knees, fists and shins of Muay Thai. You will learn how Muay Thai fighters’ stand and how they move and as soon as you are confident enough you will be able to move into the Fitness class!

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