You now have the opportunity of being trained alongside Thailand’s hottest current champions at Jar Tui’s Saengmorakot Gym. The gym is located in the heart of Bangkok, close to the famous Rajdamnern Boxing Stadium, Temple of the Golden Mountain (Wat saket), Bobae Tower Clothes market, Kaosarn Road, MBK Shopping Centre and many other spectacular attractions.

Head of Saengmorakot Gym is Mr. Thitipong Aumanun (Jar Tui) who is also an elite promoter of Suek Saengmorakot at Lumpinee and Siam Omnoi Stadium. In 2004, Saengmorakot was awarded Thailand’s most outstanding Gym as number 1 over the many others in the nation. In embarking on your once in a lifetime Muay Thai Experience, if you have what it takes; you may have the chance to experience red hot competition yourself, in the ring of one of Thailand’s stadiums such as Lumpinee, Rajdamnern, Siam Omnoi, Nakorn Pathom, Samui and more…

Address: 281/1 Dumrongrak Road, Pomprab Mahanark, Bangkok 10100.
Telephone: +66 (02) 954 4329
Mobile: +66 (08) 5909 3401

About Gym:

This gym is run by Jatui, a Lumpinee Promoter. It is a professional gym, with plenty of Thailand’s top fighters and champions. Being established as one of the best gyms in Thailand it has breeding top fighters for over 20 years. Such names as Kaodaeng lek, Winsanlek, Denseangkwan and Pinsiam have and are still fighting, and is a good chance to train with these champions.


Morning 7:00am – 9:00am Afternoon 15:00 – 18:00.

Training packages include:

1 session – training morning or afternoon

1 day – training morning/evening

1 month – accommodation/food, training morning/afternoon


Saengmorakot has produced and still has some of the best fighters in Thailand, with over 15 Champions old and new to their name it’s a great place to see professional Thai fighters at work. With 10-20 active fighters now all training and fighting at the top stadiums in Thailand.


There are seven good trainers, who will train you to fight like a Thai.


200 square metre gym with carpet floor and one full sizes raised ring.

6 heavy bags, gloves, sparring gloves, shin pads, skipping ropes, weights, 2 sit up benches, chin up bar, tyres, toilets and showers.

How to get there: There is an airport bus that goes to Koh San Road which will pass the gym. All taxis know the area. You can call in advance to Ja tui or E-mail us to help you.


There is a fan room, that can sleep two people, with own private bathroom.


This gym is close to Koh San Road, MBK and the centre of Bangkok. These can be easily reached by taxis and bus numbers 15 and 47. There is a small convenience store outside the gym, and a Seven-11 about 100 metres walk. Ratchadamnern Boxing Stadium is a five minuter walk away. Some other major attractions like the Grand Palace, Wat Po and Wat Arun are very close and easily accessible by taxi.

Kaosarn Road

Rajdamnern Muay Thai Boxing Stadium

Wat Prakaew (Temple of the Jade Buddha)

Wat Sraket (The Golden Mountain)