WBC Muaythai was commissioned under the World Boxing Council (WBC) as a non-profit organisation to regulate and control professional Muaythai on a global scale. It is solely affiliated with WBC and follows the rules set but the Board of Boxing Sport (Office of Professional Sports) of Sports Authority of Thailand. It was created to facilitate and sanction professional Muaythai competitions, and to develop and expand Muaythai worldwide, to help foster Muaythai at all levels and weight divisions, to be seen as a world premier fighting art.

Notable Champions include Yodsanklai Fairtex, Kaew “the Sugar” and Anuwat Kaewsamrit.

Australian Muay Thai Promotions and Phon’s Thai Martial Arts Centre are the authorised promoters of the WBC in Australia; bringing together the best in Muay Thai and Boxing to battle it out for the prestigious WBC green belts on the popular series WBC Muay Thai Battle Collossal.

Notable Australian WBC Champions include Steve Bonner, Marco Tentori and Jason Lea.

You can see the WBC Muaythai ranking on our site.

His Majesty the King of Thailand meets with the WBC President Jose Sulaiman His Majesty the King of Thailand meets with the WBC President Jose Sulaiman

His Majesty the King of Thailand meets with the WBC President Jose Sulaiman.

The historic meeting was held at the King’s Palace on November 26, 2001. Following this meeting, the World Boxing Council set about establishing the WBC Muay Thai to rate fighters worldwide and sanction world championship events. Pol. Gen Kovid Bhakdibhumi was appointed the WBC Muay Thai chairman.

Below are those who are working together and support the WBC Muay Thai World Congress in order for Muay Thai to reach the highest level possible in the world today.

World Boxing Council Officials

Dr Jose Sulayman

WBC President

Pol. General Kovid Bhakdibhumi

Vice president of WBC & President of WBC Muaythai

Mr Patrick Cusick

Secretary General of WBC Muaythai & Member of WBC Board of Governors

Mr Kiate G. Sirigul

Co. Secretery General of WBC Muaythai

Dr Anek Hongtongkam

Ring Officials Chairman of WBC Muaythai

Mr Timoty Dharmajiva

Ranking Director of WBC Muaythai

Mr Alex Tsui

WBC Muaythai Great Asia Official

Mrs Jill Diamond

WBC Muaythai Famale Official


Mr Phon Martdee (Australia)
Mr Alex Tsui (Hongkong)
Mr Guo Jun Zou (China)
Mr Mohammad Tehrani (Denmark)
Mr Danny Suarez (England)
Mr Reza Djabbarpoor (Germany & Iran)
Mr Dennis Warner (USA)
Mr Ali Namazi (UAE)
Mr Khashayar Pazouki (Luxemburg)

Mr Phon Martdee (Australia)


43rd World Boxing Council Convention, Spain, 2005

MABUHAY WBC! 45th World Boxing Council Convention, Philippines, 2007

46th World Boxing Council Convention, China, 2008

The World Professional Muaythai Federation (WPMF) was formed on 23rd November 2002 by the Professional Boxing Association of Thailand (PAT). The PAT is the only officially recognised association of Professional Muaythai by the Government of Thailand and has also become a member of the WPMF. The WPMF was established with the objective to promote the sport of professional Muaythai thr class=”end-section”oughout the world. The WPMF is committed to support the art of Muaythai and to uphold the high standards of the sport by following the rules and regulations of Muaythai. The WPMF will stand for justice for Muaythai internationally and will operate the professional Muaythai activities fairly and without any political purposes. The aim of the WPMF is to promote unity among all Muaythai practitioners all over the world.

Notable WPMF Champions are Yodsanklai Fairtex, Cosmo Alexandre, Juanmario Kaewsamrit and Orono Wor Pechpun.

Phon Martdee named as a National Representative of the WPMF [PDF]

WPMF Rules and Regulations [PDF] (1.8 MB)

Battle Collossal is a unique fight promotion sanctioned by the WBC bringing together the best in Muaythai, Boxing & MMA. Battle Collossal began in 2007 after the need for a prestigious fight series by promoter Phon Martdee. The label created by his son Pamorn, with the notion of great battles all in the one arena with spectacular results.

Battle Collossal continues to grow as Phon Martdee aims at making it bigger and better with each event. Not only is there the best in ring action and competitors, but also dazzling dancing, sound and light to go with it. Ringside viewers are also treated to luscious food and beverages.

Battle Collossal had it’s title belt designed by Pamorn Martdee in 2009, it was constructed by WBC belt maker Kiate Sirigul. The belt was created so that Battle Collossal could have series champions according to weight divisions. The first appearance on of the belt was onBattle Collossal IX (9) with Jason Lea taking out the title after winning Australia’s Super 8 Eliminator at 67kgs.