WPMF King's Cup

Date posted: 8 December 2010

A collection of fighters from around the world unite in Stadiums through-out Thailand, ready to showcase their skills in some what should be some great bouts. It is an honour to be able to witness such a grand event. This event represents the Thai peoples' deepest respect for their King. It will a great showcase of Thailand's cultural heritage on display to the world.

Fighters from all over the world. Australia, France, England, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Turkey, Russia, Slovakia, Italy, Irish, Iran and a lot more.

We had our West Australian fighters Jamie lunghitano, Chris white and also Codie Kobkour Muaythai from New South Wales. All of our Australian fighters were successful at the WPMF Kings Birthday event.

This Tournament was one of the best events. Was live telecasted by Thai tv channel 7 around the world