Fight 1 Millard “Ignition” (West Australian Thaiboxing Centre) Vs. Ray Holtham (Typhoon Freestyle Kickboxing)
Unanimous Draw

Fight 2 David Andrews (Country Muaythai) Vs.Sam Drake (Menace Muaythai)
David Andrews wins by Split Decision win

Fight 3 Interstate Middleweight Challenge 3×3
Jamie “The Dragon” Lunghitano (Phon’s Gym) Vs. Nick Sandiland (Alex Tui)
Jamie Lunghitano wins by Unanimous Decision

Fight 4 WBC Welterweight State Title Vacancy 5X2 FTR Brian “Spider” Harris (Bando) Vs. Dino Korica (Predator Muaythai).
Brian “Spider” Harris wins the WBC 67kg state title by Knockout.

Fight 5 Australian WBC Featherweight Female Title Defence 5X2 FTR
Tiana “Tiger” Caverly (Mungkorn Mai) Vs. Theresa “Hurricane” Carter
Tiana wins by unanimous decision and retains her WBC National Womens 57kg title.

Fight 6 WBC Light Heavyweight Boxing Bout 6X3
Chris “Ironfist” Garner (Phon’s Gym) Vs. Dusan Salva, a former student of Garner’s.
Dusan Salva wins via decision and becomes the WBC State 70kg champion.

Fight 7 WBC Middleweight Professional Boxing Bout 6X3
Robbie Bryant (WA) V Edwin Samy (New Zealand)
Robbie Bryant wins via unanimous decision

Fight 8WBC Middleweight State Title vacancy 5X3 FTR
“The Destroyer” Jason Lea Vs. Luis Regis
“The Destroyer” Jason Lea wins via decision and retains the WBC National Title.

Fight 9 WBC International Lightweight Super Bout. 5X3 FTR
Oley “Smiling Assassin” Sakonpetch Vs. Juanmario Kaewsamrit
Oley Sakonpetch wins by TKO

Fight 10 Australia WBC Super Heavyweight Title Defence. 5×3 FTR
Steve Bonner (Phon’s Gym) Vs. Mick Siebert
Steve Bonner wins via a 3rd round TKO to retain his WBC Superheavyweight National title.

Fight Report

Once again the team behind Battle Collosal put on a show packed full of entertainment at the Curtain Stadium last night. The Show kicked off with young guns Millard “Ignition” of Peter Boyd’s West Australian Thaiboxing Centre taking on Ray Holtham from Typhoon Freestyle Kickboxing. Both boys put on a great display, with Millard showing a great arsenal of kicks in the opening round but Ray pushing the pace and working the knees well in the grapple. The second round Millard continued to land some nice kicks, picking Ray off before he could land a shot, as well as some strong knees in the grapple. The 3rd round was back and forth with neither boy wanting to give it up, the final round was almost blow for blow and it was no surprise when the fight was called a Unanimous Draw by the judges.

In the second fight David Andrews from Country Muaythai took on 17yr old Sam Drake of Menace Muaythai. Another evenly matched fight. Both boys took their time to feel out their opponent in the opening round, Sam showing some nicely timed kicks and evasion with David looking to work the hands and use the push kick to hold Sam at bay, a seemingly close round til Sam opened up with a flurry off hands with David backed up against the corner. David responded in rounds 2 and 3 by trying to push the pace on Sam and negating his kicks nicely and turning it into more of a dog fight. A very close fight with David Andrews taking a Split Decision win

Fight 3 had Jamie “The Dragon” Lunghitano, a crowd favourite from Phon’s gym, up against Nick Sandiland trained by the legendary Alex Tui from NSW. Jamie started out well early, landing some nick left kicks to the arms and body of Nick who was mostly trying to let the hands go and chop the legs. Jamie was evidently a counter fighter and constantly picked his opponent off with sharp kicks and used nice evasion. At times Nick would get a few punches off but Jamie consolidated with punches off his own and stronger work in the grapple, but remained disciplined to his game plan working the kicks and picking him off nicely. A comfortable Unanimous win for Jamie Lunghitano

Fight 4, WBC State title up for grabs for two up and comers in Brian “Spider” Harris of Bando and Dino Korica from Predator Muaythai. Both boys wasted no time going to work in bid to claim the prestigious green belt. Dino landed a few nice combinations but Spider’s massive reach was always going to be hard to overcome. Spider used his explosive walk up style firing shots from all angle and limbs and continually putting pressure on Dino. The second round was much the same with Spider getting the better shots off, using his range and unpredictability. Late in the round Spider landed a flush right hand sending Dino down, but not out. He regained his feet and the bell sounded, much to his delight. Spider came out hard again in the 3rd, looking to pick up where he left off. Constant attacking and relentless pressure it seemed like only a matter of time before another big shot was going to land, Spider looked in control after 3 rounds. The 4th proved to be the end of Dino, with Spider finding the mark with a big knee and followed it up with a barrage of punches, sending Dino down and out. Brian “Spider” Harris claims the WBC 67kg state title in devastating fashion.

Fight 5, WBC National women’s title defense. Tiana “Tiger” Caverly of Mungkorn Mai was set to defend her recently claimed title against a woman who once held it, Theresa “Hurricane” Carter. Tiana started well, landing some straight punches and nice body kicks, using her push kick to fend off Theresa’s attacks. Theresa looked to work her kicks and counter Tiana. The second, Tiana opened up a little more with the hands, and was working her kicks well. The girls tied up in the grapple a little more and there was no hesitation to start throwing the big elbows, much to the crowds delight. Round 3 saw the slower starting Theresa start to push the pace and open up with strong hand combos of her own. The earlier part of the round was definitely Theresa’s as she stalked forward constantly punching and kicking into the grapple. Tiana did well to consolidate and come back with some hands of her own. Round 4 both girls came out hungry and spent the round toe to toe exchanging an array of techniques, showing the men how its done! a real testament to how good these girls are. Non stop action bell to bell and a very close round. Coming down to the 5th it was do or die for both girls who left nothing on the line. Toe to toe again, neither girl giving an inch in their quest for the title. Another close round going down to the wire with Tiana maybe just stealing it with her never say die attacks, giving it her all in the last 30 seconds coming forward with constant punches, knees and elbows. A excellent display from both girls, and a very well matched fight! Down to the judges it was Unanimous points victory for Tiana, who retained her WBC National Womens 57kg title.

The 6th fight brought somewhat of a grudge match, with Phon’s new talent Chris “Ironfist” Garner taking on his former fighter Dusan Salva. Dusan, often critisized of lacking aggression, showed no respect to Chris and was showing some real power and explosion in what seemed like a real point to prove for Dusan. Back and forwards action in the early rounds with Dusan marching into alot of Chris’ attacks and looking to land the big shot. It seemed like Chris with the kicks and Dusan with the hands early on. Dusan managed to cut Chris just over the eye, but it proved not to be a problem and the fight continued. Some heavy punches and catch and sweeps saw dusan pulling ahead on the cards after a couple of rounds, and backed it up with a big 3rd round. Chris showed a massive heart, and why he deserves a shot to become a champion as he rallied back hard, marching forward in a bid to get back infront. Constant kicking off both legs from Chris and trading with the hands toe to toe right to the bell saw the final two rounds lift the crowd to its feet, with many saying Chris may have done enough to pull it back. The Judges however awarded the fight to Dusan Salva, claming the WBC State 70kg title via decision. A clearly disappointed Chris Garner (lost via split decision) was later awarded a much deserved fighter of the night for what was a great performance.

Next up was 4×3 Professional boxing. Perth’s Robbie Bryant up against a familiar face in New Zealand’s Edwin Samy. Edwin proved just how tough he is as Robbie wasted no time going to work with some heavy punches to the body early before looking to go upstairs and have an early night. A one sided first round left the crowd wondering how long before one of these shots would send Edwin out. Edwin did well to clip Robbie with a few good hooks of his own in the second, but not enough power behind them to phase him. Robbie was in control and working well landing a few more big shots flush on the chin of Edwin, in which a lesser man would have crumbled. Much the same in the 3rd and 4th, Robbie in control and throwing down, but Edwin tough and resiliant. Robbie Bryant takes the Unanimous decision

Fight 8, the man they call “The Destroyer”, Jason Lea up against a serious challenger in Luis Regis from NSW who was out to take the WBC National title off Jason. Luis, the taller of the two, used his reach well as he fired some nice hands early. Jason staying composed had a tight guard and work some good counters before exploding with a big hand combo just to let Luis know he was not going to be pushed around by someone with less than half the fights experience. Luis came out strong in the second, working his long hands well and putting a kick on the end. Jason at times seemed to have a hard time finding his counters due to the reach difference but stayed focussed and kept working away with some sharp kick counters and a few take downs. The 3rd round saw Luis getting the better of Jason, and many wondering if the challenger was going to upset the champ. Luis again using his reach and was the more aggressive of the two. However Jason, not prepared to give up his belt just yet, rallied back hard in the 4th and found the mark with a sharp knee sending Luis down for an 8 count. Jason followed it up looking to get another down on his hurt opponent, but Luis used his reach and smarts to keep Jason on the outside til the end of the round. The final round was a showdown with both boys not giving an inch. Jason’s tight defence and superb reading of his opponent may have been the difference as he evaded many of the attacks of his opponent and answered back with some of his own. After 5 rounds the judges awarded the fight to “The Destroyer” Jason Lea, who retains his title yet again.

Up next was the highly anticipated battle between local thai hero Oley “Smiling Assassin” Sakonpetch taking on the heavy hitting Juanmario Kaewsamrit who has been based in Thailand for quite some time and has fought some of the top tier fighters Thailand has to offer. Oley surprised some as he came out hard from the first bell with lightning fast kicks that could be heard around the venue. He showed superior timing with his kicks as well as evading the heavy hands of Juanmario. Oley landed numerous unanswered kicks in the first as well as takedowns in the grapple and chambered some vicious knees to the quads of Juanmario. The second saw much of the same, Oley with the kicking prowess and Juanmario looking to close in and find the mark with his incredible punching power. Oley surprised Juanmario by throwing some nice punches of his own, and continued to make his opponent miss. 2 rounds down, and Oley looking in control but the crowd wondering how long til one of these heavy punches gets through. The 3rd round saw Juanmario walking forward constantly firing heavy shots and Oley working his angles, countering and pegging him back. Juanmario landed some heavy punches for the first real time, but Oley remained seemingly unphased. Juanmario’s aggression became his undoing as the countering Oley landed a slicing elbow to the brow of Juanmario causing a doctor stoppage late in the 3rd. Oley Sakonpetch declared the winner by TKO

The final bout of the evening had arrived and it was time for the Superheavyweights to go to war. Phon’s star in the making, Steve Bonner set to defend his WBC National title against the well versed veteran from Darwin, Mick Siebert. Both boys wasted no time throwing the leather in the first in what was at times almost a brawl. Toe to toe throwing down it was hard to separate the two giants. The second round two far more composed fighters met in the centre and it saw Bonner going to work on Micks leg as he tried to come through with hand combos. Mick soon became aware of this and was setting up some leg kicks of his own off the end of some heavy hands. Both boys showed good conditioning, shrugging off heavy blows like they were nothing. Steve started to land some heavy knees on Mick late in the second, and appeared to be the stronger of the two in the grapple. So far still a very even contest though. The 3rd round saw Steve start to get the better of the exchanges with his heavy leg kicks taking their toll. Mick was resilient, rallying back with hands but Steve closing in looking to land the big one. Strong grapple and heavy knees again from Steve did the damage midway through the round before Mick’s left arm dropped to his side and a clear look of pain was painted across his face. Steve closed in and put it on him with an array of heavy punches and knees to the body, Mick forced to cover up and try and survive. Which he did for quite some time before eventually the fight was waved off as it had become evident that he had popped his shoulder and was unable to continue. Steve Bonner takes the win with a 3rd round TKO to retain his WBC Superheavyweight title

Congratulations to all involved in another successful Battle Collossal promotion and we look forward to what 2011 has in store.

Special Thanks to FightCalendar for their report.