Fight 1 Stephen Dinsmore (Phon’s Gym) V Andy Burrell (Olsen’s MuayThai Factory) (69KG 3×2 MTR) —MATCH UP SCRATCHED BEFORE FIGHT—
Fight 2 John Torrong (Thai Boxing Pitt WA) V Joey Abela (Sarun’s Stable SA) (69KG 3×2 MTR) DRAW- JUDGES’ DECISION
Fight 3 Jake ‘The Tear’ Tomlinson (OPNG WA) V Ricardo Miranda (Scorpian Gym QLD) (82KG 3×2 MTR) RICARDO MIRANDA- WIN KO ROUND 1 (HEAD KICK KO)
Fight 4 Mellissa Norton (Mungkorn Daeng WA) V Sarah O’Connell (Boonchu Gym QLD) (56KG 5×2 FTR) MELISSA NORTON- WIN JUDGES’ DECISION
Fight 5 Mitchell ‘Super Boy’ Seth (Mungkorn Mai WA) V Scott Hughes (Sarun’s Stable SA) (63KG 5×2 FTR) MITCHELL SETH- WIN JUDGES’ DECISION
Fight 6 Chris ‘MR. TKO’ Garner (Phon’s Gym WA) V ‘Kandy’ Kane Henderson (WA Thai Boxing) (69.8KG 5×2 MTR) CHRIS GARNER- WIN JUDGES’ DECISION
Fight 7 Tiana Caverly (Mungkorn Mai WA) V Nicole Brolan (Don Millar MuayThai VIC) (57.13KG 5×3 FTR) NICOLE BROLAN- WIN JUDGES’ DECISION
Fight 8 Eoin O’Droma (Phon’s Gym WA) V Allar Ahtmann (Scorpian Gym QLD) (92KG 5×3 FTR) EOIN O’DROMA- WIN KO ROUND 1. (KNEE TO THE STOMACH)
Fight 9 Oley ‘Sakonpetch’ (WBC National Champion- Mungkorn Daeng WA) V Sohan Alexander (French Champion-Paris, FRANCE) (61KG 5×3 FTR) OLEY SAKONPETCH- WIN KO ROUND 1. (BODY PUNCHES)

Tournament Report

WBC Muaythai Battle Collossal VIII (8) Saturday, November 7.2009 Perth, Western Australia

Phon Martdee’s Australian Muay Thai Promotions put on another spectacular show for the last of the 2009 series, putting on a card which saw a number of local stars taking on a list of interstate and overseas opponents.

The anticipated main event saw West Australian resident Thai star Oley Sakonpetch,who is the current WBC National super lightweight champ,up against French champion Sohanne Bengana. Bengana who lives and breathes Muay Thai in the origin country of Thailand came into the bout boasting a record of 32 fights, 26 won by K.O. and 6 of them lost by way of K.O. A noticeable record amassed in only just over one year and all against Thai fighters.

The Frenchman, built like a pitbull was seen as a threat before the bout, although the people of Perth had faith in their Thai ring master, the man only known as ‘The Smiling Assassin’.

From the opening bell Bengana fired with some rushed low kicks, Oley, cool headed opted for a calm approach, dodging and evading, countering with only solid cracking kicks to the midriff. Within a minute, the Thai could read the Frenchman’s attacks, letting low kicks go wayward in midair. After Puttin on a dodge and move show for the crowd, Oley decided it was time to pull the pin, landing a polldriving right cross to the solar plexus, baited by a fake left jab. Inevitably Bengana went down but staggered back up, recieving a standing count, and continuing, Oley pounced drilling the stomach once again. After one more count and a failed last effort to attempt to land a shot, the Thai hammered the final nail into the Frenchman’s coffin, sending Bengana airborne into the corner and face down on the canvas with a left body punch. Referee Brad Vocale had no choice but to end the fight, declaring Oley Sakonpetch the winner by K.O. within the first two minutes of the first round.

The semi main event saw The Pride of Ireland Eoin ’The Irish Hammer’ O’Droma up against Aslarn Magomedov’s Allar ‘Indy’ Ahtman. Through the wai khru,The chant of ‘Eoin’ erupted throughout the stadium. From start Indy fired in some nice leg kicks which stung the legs of the Irishman, O’Droma retaliated with some crafty hand and leg work of his own. In a flurry of exchanges, O’Droma landed a solid body hook followed by a knee to the stomach which crumpled Ahtman into a heap. Upon the referee applying a count, Ahtman managed to find his feet, only to be floored once again and for the last time by a set of gut munching knee strikes. Eoin O’Droma the winner by K.O. and the new W.P.M.F. Australian champion.

The match everyone had been waiting for was between the best two super welterweights in Perth-Chris ‘Mr. TKO’ Garner versus ’Kandy’ Kane Henderson for the W.P.M.F. West Australian champion.

From round one, the two went hammer and tong throwing shots that would have floored any lesser competitor. Kandy setting up with timed kicks and Garner trading with chopping the lead left leg and solid straight punches. It was neck and neck for four rounds until the final, when Kandy began to tire and got caught in a corner, Garner unloaded with everything he had, punching his heart out to the delight of the crowd who were on their feet. The bout ended at the final bell and at the decision, one judge had called the bout a draw,the two other judges awarding the win to the new champion Chris Garner.

In other bouts, Perth’s ‘Super boy’ Mitchell Seth beat Adelaide’s Scott Hughes in a thrilling skilled bout between two of Australia’s hottest welterweights, Victoria’s Nicole Brolan upset Perth’s Tiana Caverly in a nail biting trade for trade styled fight, young starlet Melissa Norton beat Goldcoast Boonchu star Sarah O’Connell which saw more elbows thrown than all of the mens’ fights put together!,
Queensland’s Ricardo . . . . upset Perth heavy hitter Jake ‘the tear’ Tomlinson by head kick in round one and Johnny Torong drew with Joey Abela from Adelaide.

A great show which had thrills and spills galore!
Stay tuned for March 27, 2010 when Perth hosts the 67kg 8 Man Eliminator on Battle Collossal 9 at the new Curtin Stadium!