Fight 1 Oley Sakonpetch defeated Flip Street by UPD
Oley Sakonpetch is the new WBC National lightweight Champion

Fight 2 Khalid Ahmed defeated Nathan Lewis by UPD

Fight 3 Marco Tentori defeated Chris Garner by KO round 2 ( Head kick)

Fight 4 Eowin O’Droma and Steve Bonner didn’t fight due to medical reasons

Fight 5 Andy Regan defeated Ahmed Kaddour by TKO win 3 round

Fight 6 Burke Austin and Jason Jobson Drew

Fight 7 Liem Huynh defeated Andrew Wright by UPD
Liem Huynh received best fighter of the event!

Fight 8 Toni Ashburne and Briody Walker Drew

Fight 9 Bahn Silachai and Simon To – Great work!

Tournament Information

John Wayne Parr’s Muay Thai ‘sensation apprentice’ Phillip ‘Flip’ Street will step up against West Australian resident Thai star ‘Oley’ Sakonpetch in Perth, Western Australia on August 22, 2009.

Sakonpetch was denied a decent showing in Battle Collossal 6 when his opponent Chris Petire could no longer continue due to an accidental low blow, despite wearing a plastic cup and being stunned early by the sheer power and razor sharp efficacy of the Thai.

Flip is hungry coming off a shock loss in Hong Kong, he is in search of a major upset over the Thai and with strong hands and fast technique, he certainly has the ability to. This bout is sure to go down to the wire in a spectacular WBC National Title main event.

Leading up to the Thailand v Australia bout will see Perth WBC International Champion ”Black Tiger” Dusan Salva fighting Queensland’s Tainui Crouch trained by Bruce ”The Preacher” Macfie.

Crouch, dubbed ”The Big Game Hunter” for this bout, will be in dangerous territory when he takes on The Black Tiger in his home territory hunting for a much anticipated upset. The match will be a non-title super bout but will sure impress viewers as one fighter has nothing to lose stepping up against a decorated champion.

Perth’s two new WBC National Champions Jason Lea and Oliver Warren will be stepping into the ring to defend their prestige up against Queensland’s Wayne Martin and Nathan Lewis trained by Bruce Macfie. Both Lea and Warren have beentraining hard and look to be in 110% tip top condition when they face off against the east coasters.

In other bouts, reigning WBC National Champion Marco “Machine Gun” Tentori will take the on up coming Chris Garner in a non title super bout; Irish Giant Eoin O’Droma steps up in weight division to fight Steve Bonner for the West Australian Super Heavy weight State Title; Burke Austin fights Dylan Ballantyne for the WA Cruiserweight State title and the long awaited return of the decorated prince of Muay Thai, Khalid “Black Magic” Ahmed vs former National Champ “The Turkish Bull” Yusha Ozhan.

Promoter Phon Martdee recently made comment on the show “It’s going to be big, in our 20th year we still remain unmatched for consistency in Muay Thai events here in Australia, people will talk of this one for a long time to come…”

The talk and speculation has begun as Perth prepares itself for a Muay Thai event not to be missed, fight fans can’t wait to see Flip Street v Oley Sakonpetch.