Fight 1 Mitchell Galvin Defeated Roger Rosa (Unanimous Decision)

Fight 2 Pamorn Martdee and Parviz Iskenderov did a rather aggresive demostration

Fight 3 Charlie Buccia Defeated Degeated Brett Crain-Whit (Unanimous Decision)

Fight 4 Owen O’Droma Defeated Burke Austin (Unanimous Decision)

Fight 5 Theresa “Hurricane” Carter Defeated Leighanne Banham (Unanimous Decision)

Fight 6 Oliver Warren Defeated Allan Walkington (Unanimous Decision)

Fight 7 ‘Oley’ Sakonpetch Won (No contest)

Fight 8 Jason ‘Destroyer’ Lea Defeated Taylor “HellRaiser” Harvey (Split Decision)

Fight 9 Charles August Seyed Defeated ‘The KO King’ Razi (Unanimous Decision)

Fight 10 Dusan “Black Tiger” Salva Defeated Shannan Foreman (Unanimous Decision)

Fight Report

The main event for Australian Muay Thai Promotions 20 year Celebrations was WA’s International Champion “Black Tiger” Dusan Salva defending his middleweight crown against New Zealand’s Shannan Foreman. The bout began with Foreman throwing caution to the wind throwing big hands and chopping low kicks to Salva. Throughout the next few rounds, Salva began to take a hold of the early onslaught and fought back with well timed kicks to the rump of Foreman and took control to steady himself and counter with rippling body kicks and pummeling punches when Foreman was on the ropes. Although the power in Foreman’s hands were there, he just couldn’t seem to find his range with the target. With Salva taking control from round four the WBC International title stayed in the West, taking the win by unanimous points decision, as well as Salva finding a new type of ‘skilled’ fight style.

In the semi-main event, it was ‘The Heat’ Charles August from Adelaide taking on Iranian Philippines resident Seyed Razi Jabbari for the vacant Cruiserweight WBC International Title. Razi Jabbari, an allround skilled technician especially in MMA took the fight to August early, showing that his hands were rock-solid. August the Muay Thai skilled technician decided he would destroy the Iranian’s leg, turning a first round of high-low combos display into a lowkick quadricep hammering until the very last bell. At the end of the fifth round, Razi was spent, his leg blown up swollen and August crowned the new WBC Muay Thai International Champion.

Jason Lea from WA fought a hard match which went down to the wire against Queensland’s Taylor “Hellraiser” Harvey, with Lea crossing the line with a split points win as well as the new WBC National Super welterweight Title against the hungry youngster who was out to spoil the show.

‘Smiling Assassin’ Oley Sakonpetch looked to be an absolute pearler against Queensland star Chris Petrie, being violent early, until an early low kick clipped Petrie’s cricket box deeming him unable to continue the bout. The bout ended in a non-contest decision.

WA’s Oliver Warren came back from an early 8-count head kick to beat Adelaide’s Alan Walkington in an eventful bout which had the crowd on the edge of their seats. At decision time it was Warren who was crowned the new WBC National Welterweight Champion by unanimous decision.

Theresa Carter from WA beat Queensland’s Leighanne Banham. The two women slugged it out, blow for blow but in the end it was Theresa’s evasion and counter attcking that provided her with the well deserved win. “Hurricane” Carter became the new WBC National featherweight Women’s Champion.

Eowin O’Droma from WA beat fellow local Burke Austin by unanimous decision for the state title in the heavyweights, Charlie Buccia beat Brett Crainwhite, Pamorn Martdee and Parviz Iskenderov put on a rough aggressive display of Muay Thai and Cannington’s Michael Galvin beat Roger Rosa.

Stay tuned for the next installment, Battle Collossal VII and VIII when Phon Martdee brings Muay Thai to the people of Perth like no other! August 22 and November, 2009…For more go to htpp://