The WBC Ultimate Super Contest
71kg (5×3) FTR
Dusan Salva VS Greg Foley

Greg Foley by KO in the first. Foley exploded from the first bell, middling a few to Dusans head within seconds. A standing 8 count was issued, followed by a predictable clean KO seconds later. Foley came out with some serious intent. All credit to him, his aggresion and skill was unmatched on the night.

Dusan, everyone is behind you. Perth is not disappointed in the least with you. We all know you’ll bounce back and have huge belief in your ability and skills. Fightings in your blood mate so learn from this whatever you can. Best of luck in the future, for we all look forward to witnessing your rise to the top.

WBC Welterwight Super Fight
66.5kg (5X3) FTR
‘ROBOCOP’ Tananchai VS ‘Cambodian Bull’ Chey Kosal

Both fighters were evenly matched for all 5 rounds. Robocop was strong! Very strong. To me he looked better than last time round. Split decision to Robocop.

WBC National Middleweight Title
72.5kg (5X3) FTR
Marco Tentori VS Dan ‘Hurricane’ Howe

What an even battle! Tentori and Howe was a mirror match (Mortal Kombat reference for anyone who cares) 2 mins into the 2nd round Marco is sent to his corner to be checked out for a cut(to his eyebrow?), but its minor and the fighters continue hostilities. Round 3 is another even contest, both fighters utilising the knees/elbows for a rough close-in contest. The forth goes on much the same. It has to be said here that the crowd was going absolutely insane for the machine gun for the majority of this fight, several chants being produced haha. But suddenly the fight is called off by the ref. Howe recieved a cut that was deemed a danger to the safety of the fighter and the win goes to Marco.
Tentori comes away with the win despite it being his first ever FTR fight!

WBC International Heavyweight Battle
95Kg (5X2) FTR
Eowin O’Droma VS Nato Laaulu

Eowin outclasses the seemingly larger Nato New Zealand native by the fifth round. O’Droma made a strong showing, exhibiting some very strong skills set and showing the crowd what a 95kg division fighter can do. Very impressive.

WPMF Welterweight State Title Defence
66.8kg (5×2) MTR
‘Bad Boy’ Ben Wells VS ‘Kandy Kane’ Kane Henderson

Had my money on Wells from the get-go and was shocked when Kane landed a beautiful Head kick to Wells that rocked the champ badly!!! Was telling everyone at my table how freakish his fitness and stmaina was. Damnnnn… just watched the head-kick again from my digi-cam and wow… that was solid. How the heck did Wells come back from that?!?! But he did. He fought back and defended his welterweight state title with skill, stamina and ticker!!! Nothing was stopping him tonight! Amazing showing! Go Ben!!!
Sidenote : Ben won fighter of the night. How couldn’t he?! He was a man possessed!!!

Phon, Thank you for a terrific show! Well worth the money and its just getting more and more spectacular every time. The service, the organisation and the girls are just the icing on the cake. Trully, whatever you’re doing, dont stop because its a great event! The fights are incredibly hard to pick a winner haha. You match them up so well.

Only disappointment: Not seeing young Bahn Silachai fight! lol! He was there on the night, I gave him a little cheer as he walked past but he merely looked confused haha!

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Alex James won on points against James Connell in the MMA 80-83Kg bout.

Scott Mapley won on points against Rhodie Van Der Merwe in the 60Kg (3X2)MTR bout.

Keith Spiers won on points against Jonathan Sultana in the 76-78Kg (3X2) MTR about.

Chris Garner won by TKO against Stewart McMillan in the 76-78Kg (3X2) MTR bout.