Jake Tomlinson – OP Nakorntong V James Connell – D’s Thai Boxing

Western Australian State Title

The ‚ÄòPowerhouse’ Tomlinson was out for redemption after losing his last fight in the last round being caught with a gut-winding kick. And boy did he come out strong. All it took was one round, and whilst Connell was still in the feeling out process, Jake decided it was good night time-Coming in with a huge overhand right, Jake puts Connell to sleep on the canvas with a devastating KO.

Sian Meyer – Phon’s WA V Meredith Gay – Jabout NSW

An interstate clash between two very fiery women who have the pride of their states riding on them… Both come out strong using all weapons hands, kicks and knees. It seems that Gay isn’t as strong in the clinch as Meyer takes advantage of it and knees her way to the win.

Toby Smith -Thai Boxing Pit WA V Tom Murray – Sor Naksoo VIC

Everyone had anticipated seein his fight as the young Toby Smith was to take on a senior of almost four years… Murray an electrician 18, came out with trademark skill in an attempt to outscore Smith with evasion and counter fighting. Smith quickly took control of the second round using his taller reach and whipping right roundhouse kicks to weaken Murray’s guard. Murray continues to fight back but it seems that the home crowd along with Toby’s sheer power are a force too strong to overcome. Toby goes on to receive the Most Outstanding Fighter of the Night Award.

Theresa Carter – Cannington K/B WA V Ploy Chompoo – Sukroong Ruang THA

Carter returns after a long break to the ring to face one of Thailand’s smiling assassins in a bout that will see the crowd fired up behind their home town golden girl.

Both start cautiously knowing each other’s ability to strike devastatingly, Carter manages to find range with her hands and fires in one-two combos that make it through the guard of the Thai… The Thai trades toe to toe using kicks to match Carter’s sharp hands and knee combos. In the fourth, Carter manages to time and execute a perfect knee to the bread-basket sending Chompoo down for the count in agony. Chompoo manages to beat the count and luckily survive to the final round after being saved by the bell. Theresa continues to dominate being too strong all round and takes the win.

Marco Tentori – Kung Fu Tai Chi Academy V Daniel Holmes – Jabout NSW

Another much anticipated fight that 200 eager fight fans of Marco alone had come to watch. Unfortunately 10 minutes before the bout Holmes refused to fight without elbows which had been the agreed rules. Marco in turn also not fighting with something he hadn’t trained for. The bout ended in a face off in the ring with the microphone which had the crowd in disappointment-hopefully this fight will happen in the near future.

Robocop Tananchai – Phon’s Gym/Cannington K/B WA V Jason Scerri – Jabout NSW

The Machine versus the Mauler, a fight which saw Robocop come in the smaller of the two, but with a wealth of experience having over 200 fights to his name. Scerri the taller of the two came in early with sharp hand combos and stinging leg kicks, Robocop countered using nimble evasion; pulling back from dangerous high kicks and countering with low kicks of his own. Scerri tried to find his range with kicks but a lot of the time missed due to the Thai’s speediness and efficiency. Robocop continued to mock and Scerri wasn’t going to take it. He continued to fire away landing with some punches and some big low kicks. Tananchai also couldn’t manage to adjust but took slight control of the fight after catching and sweeping as well as catching and paying back with some big shots that had Scerri wary. In the end a great fight with a split decision to the red, Robocop Tananchai.

Dusan Salva – Phon’s Gym WA V Edwin Samy – ETK NZ

WBC International Title (vacant)

The first round started out with Salva and Edwin cautious of one another, as seconds ticked on Salva gained confidence and becoming more willing to risk big kicks and follow through with powerful hand bombs. Half way through the second Salva picked his left kick and used it to his advantage kicking his way through an unanswered Samy midsection. Samy continued on looking over to his corner for advice. It seemed he had no answer to the Salva onslaught and continued to back away into the ropes and corner taking big hand bombs and Salva locking on to knee. In five, Samy with a crooked and bloodied nose; came out firing knowing that he’d have to score with a knock out or better to win the fight. He threw caution to the wind; literally throwing everything he had at Salva. Low kicks, kamikaze style punches and elbows that Salva managed to steer clear of. The bell sounded and the two bloodied fighters knew who had won. Salva threw his hands in the air in celebration. And that was how it would play out on the judges’ score cards. – A unanimous decision to Salva, the new WBC International Champ.

A spectacular show which saw entertainment, entertainment and more entertainment from Australia’s best ring athletes… Phon Martdee and Australian Muay Thai Promotions put on another spectacle for the People of Perth to feast on…

There is question as to whether the Battle Colossal series deserve air time on Fox Sports… We’ll leave that question to the viewers… Stay tuned for Battle Colossal V in November 2008.-THE BIG ONE is yet to come…