Luke Greenmount Rockingham Squash & Fitness VS Ben Baker Kung Fu Tai Chi Acadamy
Bakers debut fight. 17 years old and he’s got a monster physique.
Greenmount by points.

Liem Hunh Phons VS Stephan Velanoski Mung Korn Mai
Liem by points. Both fighters were entertaining. Particularly enjoyed Liems technique. Sharp and strong.

Vincent Harley Omac fight centre VS Shane Penny Lana Muay Thai
Penny had this one. Dropped Harley early on with a head kick that was sweet. Penny didnt seem phased throughout the entire fight, really looked calm and smart for its entirety.

Toby Smith The Thai Boxing Pit VS Seng Tan Angkor Gym VIC
Toby Smith at just 15 versing the 17 year old from VIC was the highlight of the night for me. Insane skills for a young 15 year old. JWP been training this kid or what?!?! Individual of the night for me.

Owen Fury Phons VS Tyson Folino Angkor Gym VIC
Interesting fight. Seemed kinda even but Folino must have aquired a serious injury. I was seated very close to his corner and his team left without him in what appeared to be disgust. He had to exit the arena alone which just didnt seem right. Hope everythings okay with his crew. Owen by TKO.

Ben Wells Mung Korn Mai VS Tom Wiencke Henry’s Gym
I’ve seen Ben fight before, I remember his Pink trunks haha. But in that match he took the belt. Now he was defending it. And did so with vigor. Ben by points.

Marco Tentori Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu VS Chris Crainwhite Thai Boxing Pit
About 20secinds in Tentori has Crainwhite hitting the canvas with a midsection kick. The first anticipated clinch is only 10 seconds after that and we get a look at these knees. Daaammmmm… No thanks. Dont wanna see those again because Crainwhite will win matches off those knees.
Marco kept on ending the rounds on high points. A sweet elbow at the end of the 2nd, a straight left at the 3rd, both wobbling Crainwhite.
Not one single knee attempted in the 4th or effective in the 5th. Marco kept him at his preferred distance for the most part.
Marco by Points.

Sakonpetch WA Thailand VS Joel Fisher Dons Thai Boxing VIC
Fisher looked strong and fit in this fight. But Sakonpetch was too much on this occasion.
Sakonpetch by points.

Dusan Salva Phons VS Edwin Samy ETK New Zealand
Completely unfair fight in my opinion. How can it be that its dusan and another guy, vs Edwin?! That welt on his forhead was like another fighter altogether! XD
Jokes aside, what a war. Dusan had it by the end of the fifth but Edwin is a dangerous fighter. He changes things up alot.
Dusan a well deserving winner on Points. Split decision.