1. 76kg 3×2 Sean Kennedy (Kao-Sok/Jing-Jo Muaythai) Vs Scott Price (Vincent’s Chinese Martial Arts) Scott Price won By decision.

70kg 3×2 Eli Tredinnick (Phon’s Gym) Vs Michael Armstrong (Typoon Kickboxing) Michael Armstrong won By decision.

82kg 3×2 Alex James (Kao-Sok/Jing-Jo Muaythai) Vs Jerremy Scholben (Vincent’s Chinese Martial Arts) Alex James won By decision.

60kg 3×2 Gavin O’Donovan (Phon’s Gym) (15 years) Vs Keith Huang (ACE Muaythai) (19 years) Keith Huang won By decision.

78kg 3×2 Jake Tomlinson (OpNakorn Tong) Vs Troy Burton (Mungkorn Mai) Troy Burton won by KO round 3.

72kg 3×2 Kane Henderson (WA Thai Boxing Centre) (15 years) Vs Jamie Gottsch (Rockingham Squash and Fitness Centre) (22 years) Jamie Gottsch won referee stopped by TKO.

63kg 3×2 Sian Meyer (Phon’s Gym) Vs Tiffany Rige (ODean Martial Arts) Draw. A good battle by both of these ladies.

WPMF State Title 63kg 5×2 Jon Dowding (Phon’s Gym) Vs Ben Wells (Mungkorn Mai) Ben Wells won by decision. Congratulations to Ben Wells.

WBC Muaythai Interstate Battle 73kg 5×2 Marco Tentori (Chinese Kung Fu and Thai Chi Acadamy Choi Lay Fut) Vs Ben White (Angkor Gym, Vic) Marco Tentori won by split point decision.

WPMF State Title 57kg 5×2 Theresa Carter (Cannington Kickboxing) Vs Kate Hueston (WA Thai Boxing Centre) Theresa Carter won by decision. Came back after 8 count in round 4.

WBC Middleweight Title Defence 72kg 5×3 Duasn Salva (Phon and Laura Gym WA) Vs Ben Mountford (Angkor Gym, Vic) Duasn Salva won by TKO. Cut in the forehead (15 stitches) in the 5th round.

WBC Supremacy Battle Spectacular 66kg 5×3 Dejsak Sor Thampetch (WA, Thailand) Vs Meas Chantha (Vic, Cambodia) Draw.