Our everyday lives are full of distractions, interruptions and commitments. Muaythai can be a catalyse that allows us to suppress the distractions and to focus on the task at hand. It is also a very important aspect of Thai and now world heritage and culture.

We are very proud to see our members, students and fighters, all in great health, committed to their fitness, bodies and stamina. They’re constantly progressing to their individual goals and reaping the benefits of their commitment to Muaythai! On Sunday 12 April, 2015 Phon Martdee proudly watched his current students stand up strong in front the public with over 2,000 people’s eyes on them in the middle of Perth CBD. They displayed their self control, confidence in their Muaythai skills to the crowd enjoying the Traditional Thai New Year (Songkran) festivities.

Everyone enjoyed the showcase of Muaythai talent on the day, which was held by the Thai Community of Western Australia. Thank you to our members, friends and team who gave their time and effort to come and celebrate Thai culture and Muaythai together. We all thank the Thai Association of WA Inc for hosting our showcase and giving the opportunity to share the Art of Muaythai, giving us a chance to share our love for the sport and lifestyle.

Thanks to our team: Evanna Assan, Ben Shchigel, Nathan Bunter, Nathan DeTienne, Mark Anthony Francis, Ryan Alexander Black, Cindy Sayasone, Chris Sullivan, Habib Mehrabi,Thao DeTienne, Ian Dawson, Brianne Nicole Ng,Arseni Shchigel and Kathrine Tomić.

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