Congratulations to 17 year old Ben Shchigel for his success on our most recent promotion Battle Collossal XXI. Shchigel, performed very well with a display of true Muaythai skills, technique and great form for all 5 rounds of his bout.

We’re very proud of Ben who is very dedicated with his studies, commitment and loyalty, he has been with Phon’s Gym since he was 9 year old. There is no doubt he will shine even brighter in the near future, keep an eyes on this young champion.

Also, wishing another congratulations and well done is in order to the French fighter, Kevin Fleury, who came to train at Phon’s Gym under guidance of Phon Martdee and Phai Pharob. Who, with only 25 fights under his belt, stepped up to the former Thai Champion who had over 200 fights. Kevin did very well with his performance, lasting almost 4 rounds, in Battle Collossal XXI.

We are very proud of you two, keep up the great work!

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