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Phon’s Thai Martial Arts is the oldest and longest running Muay Thai centre in Australia. Originating in 1989; founder Phon Martdee has made Muay Thai his life promoting more than 70 events and training more than 30 champions including 5 World Champions; as well as promoting the unique Thai culture to the people of Australia.

At Phon’s we cater to your needs whether it be getting fit or learning self defence. Muay Thai is the ultimate for achieving everything required for a sound body and mind including: Self Defence, Self respect, Motivation, Confidence, Discipline, Fitness & agility, Co-ordination, Body Tone, Strength, Power and Fat Loss.

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Training Schedule

6.00 amMuaythaiBoxingMuaythaiBoxing  
8.00 am     Boxing
9.30 amMuaythaiBoxingMuaythaiBoxing  
10.00 am     Kids Muaythai
11.45 am     Muaythai / Fitness
12.00 pmBoxingMuaythaiBoxingMuaythai  
4.00 pmKids Muaythai  Kids Muaythai  
5.45 pmMuaythaiMuaythaiMuaythai / BoxingStrength /
Open Muaythai /
6.00 pm Muaythai / FighterMuaythaiMuaythaiMuaythai / Fighter 

All morning and 12 noon classes are only 1 hour sessons.

Private Lessons

Private Muaythai Classes
By appointment

Grading & Accreditation

Phon’s Thai Martial Arts Centre specialises in a fully accredited grading syllabus outlined by the regulating body of Muay Thai in Thailand; The Professional Boxing Association of Thailand (PAT).

The “Khan System” consists of sets of core skills and techniques, as well as exercises and drills through which these skills and techniques may be developed effectively; starting at beginner, progressing right the way through to grandmaster. Students can undertake a grading with Ajarn Phon Martdee after 35 lessons of training; with a pass seeing students recieving a “pradjiet” and certificate for merit.

For more information about these levels and their processes please contact Ajarn Phon Martdee.