Battle Collossal XIX Extreme

Poster of Battle Collossal XIX Extreme
9 May 2015

For the first time in BC Series history we have a combined fight card total of 18 Muaythai and MMA bouts. With 7 MMA & 11 Muaythai bouts it's bound to be a huge night for Perth fight fans, don't miss Battle Collossal Extreme 19! Support the local hometown talent at the WA Italian Club Perth on Saturday 9 May.

Battle Collossal 19 Extreme results

11) Jackson Moorehouse (OMTF) defeated Liam Woodhouse (MT Mandurah) unanimous point decision

10) Ben Worsfold said (OMTF) draw Daniel Jones (Synergy Martial Arts)

9) Luke Jones (Synergy Martial Arts) defeated Ash Winn (Champion Gym) via KO round 1

8 )Richard O'Dowling (MMA Clinic) defeated Chris Cancalves (Onix fight team) via spit points decision

7) Jesse Woodhouse (MT Mandurah) defeated Ryan Black (Phon's Gym) via unanimous pints decision

6) Jack Dellafmadella (MMA Clinic) defeated Dean Abrono (Kick Ass MMA) via unanimous points decision

5) Habib Mehrabi defeated Eddy Duva (Riddler's Gym) via unanimous points decision

4) Alex Bonal (Kick Ass MMA) defeated Waylon Prater (Eclipse Martial Arts) by TKO round1

3) Dean Foley (MMA Clinic) defeated Markus Familiari (MMA 24/7) via KO round 1

2) Shannon Brooks (Typhoon KB) defeated Stephan Lotering (Thai Boxing Pit) via KO round 1

1) Harley Hoew (Bass MMA) defeated Aymon De Tasts (Cobra KB) via KO round 1

Fight Card

FightStyleWeightbout x timeRedBlue
1MMA64 KG3x3Dean Foley (MMA Clinic)Cody Fitzgerald (Strike Mixed Martial Arts)
2MMA82 KG3x3Jack Dellamadella (MMA Clinic)Dean Abrono (Kickass MMA)
3Muaythai51 KG3x2Cindy Sayasone (Phons Gym)Aimee Bradbury (Muaithai Mandurah)
4MMA62.5 KG3x3Aymon De Tasts (Cobra KB)Harley Howe (Bass MMA)
5Muaythai82 KG3x2Varchs Vasist (Bailey’s Fitness)Trevor Kolkman (Gav’s Gym)
6Muaythai65 KG3x2Habib Mehrabi (Phons Gym)Ben Valuri (WTBC)
7MMA77 KG3x3Axel Bonal (Kick Ass MMA)Waylon Prater (Eclipse Martial Arts)
8Muaythai76 KG3x2Shannon Brooks (Typhoon KB)Stephan Lottering (Thai Boxing Pit)
9MMA62 KG3x3Mark Familiari (MMA 24/7)Justin Cobby (Strike Mixed Martial Arts)
10Muaythai78 KG3x2Richard O’Dowling (MMA Clinic)Chris Concalves (ONIX Gym)
11MMA70 KG2x5Ash Winn (Champions Gym)Luke Jones (Synergy Martial Arts)
12Muaythai68 KG3x3Ryan Black (Phons Gym)David Kreil (AMMA Gym)
13Muaythai64 KG3x3Liam Woodhouse (Muaithai Mandurah)Jackson Moorehouse (OMTF)
MMA Interstate Battle
14MMA77 KG2x5Shane Williams (Champions Gym)Jarod Barke (Cardio Flex MMA)
WBC WA Super Light weight Super Fight
15Boxing65 KG4x3Ben Worsfold (OMTF)Daniel Jones (Synergy Martial Arts)
MMA Australian Heavy Weight Super Fight
16MMAHeavyweight3x5Joel Stirling (TBA)Greg Hearne (TBA)
WBC Australian Welter weight Super Fight
17Muaythai65 KG5x3Rij (Toy) Kaewsamrit (Phons Gym)Tyler Hardcastle (Riddlers Gym)