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Our main aim is to help our Muaythai students to reach their sporting and fitness goals. We endeavour to encourage them to be courageous, committed, disciplined and honourable in their athletic pursuits, studies and their personal & working lives. We also promote Muaythai nationally and internationally as a professional Martial Art that adheres to a professional code of conduct and the laws of Australia.

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Posters of BC20 fighters
31 Aug 2015

BC20 will be bringing a blockbuster Mixed Martial Arts Tournament! Featuring 4x...

5 Jul 2015

Starting July 2015 you can get 10%-15% off new memberships for a limited time.

Photograph Phon with Arjarn Brahm
5 Jul 2015

On June 19th 2015, Phon, trainers, Muaythai students and friends of the gym...

7 Jun 2015

On June 19th @ 10am Ajahn Brahmvamso Mahathera will come to the Phon's Gym to...

Photograph Phon's gym ready for training
30 May 2015

Can't fit an evening workout? Try our morning or midday classes in addition to...

26 May 2015

Cindy Sayasone of Phon's Fight team adds another "W" to her fight record after...